Admittedly I am a sentimental person.

The Aaron Neville cotton ads kill me. The “a baby changes everything” Johnson & Johnson ads? A puddle. That’s all that’s left of me, a big, wet, snorting puddle. Now, throw two kids in two years into the mix, sprinkle in the death of my grandfather that I continue to be in utter denial about and you have a person likely to cry at the sight of a pair of tapered jeans. Because, you know, they demonstrate the passage of time and that means not being a kid anymore, and becoming a mom, getting closer to death, which means leaving the girls alone, which means the end of living for them.

I know, pull yourself together already, right? I’ve tried. I have actually stopped listening to country music thinking that Beyonce and J-Lo, while not the most age appropirate choices are less likely to reduce me to sobbing with profound lyrics of love and loss. I turn away during the news to avoid the stories of child abuse, dying before their time and all of the other misery they have for you “on the nines.”

So you’ll understand my being completely caught off guard by a commercial the other day. I’d seen a variation of this particular campaign targeted to dads. I thought it was cute, but it didn’t particularly ring my bell. Enter the mom/daughter version and oh my holy god. Did they read my mind? Extract the deepest secrets from my soul and put them to film?

It may not hit you like it did me, but I tell you what, if I had $3000 burning a hole in my pocket I would head straight for Orlando and never look back.

Here’s to wishing…