Sean and I made a quick trip to the gym tonight while Nana and Ciocci Jean watched the girls. After surveying the equipment we decided that if we had wanted to run we would have stayed outside. We hit the weights. Unfortunately my favorite gym rat, casanova, before-and-after waiting to happen, walking hair gel disaster wasn’t there. Probably off somewhere wearing a tank top tucked into his jeans, the arm holes large enough to see the unnaturally hairless chest within, and his hair only barely concealing his wicked face as he licks his lips while staring at members of both sexes. Luckily for Sean I was there.

Standing in front of the mirrored wall by the free weights-

Me: “Is this a skinny mirror?”

Sean: “What?” He asked shaking his head as if to get water out of his ears.

Me: “Is this a skinny mirror?” I asked as I thrust my head in the direction of the mirror.

Sean looked at me, then at the mirror, and then back to me. “What do you mean is this a skinny mirror?”

Me: “Well, sometimes there are skinny mirrors. I’m looking in the mirror and the legs I see there are not the legs I see when I look down.”

Sean, to his credit, really seemed to be trying to wrap his mind around what I was asking. “You don’t…What do you see in the mirror?”

“Just not long or skinny like that. So, do you think it’s a skinny mirror?”

“No, I don’t think it’s a skinny mirror.” He scoffed as if no such thing even existed to begin with.

“Well, I think a skinny mirror’d probably make it a pretty popular place.”

“No, Manda, that’d make it a fun house.”

Funny, and yet honestly, doesn’t that say a little something about the difference between men and women? It doesn’t even occur to them that looking good in a mirror might be on account of a skinny mirror, or that a lighter weight is just a bum scale.

I’ve been tagged for a meme about unachieved goals by the brilliant, beautiful and witty CCE at Mad Marriage. I’ll be working on that post, but in the meantime I think I may work on a little goal having to do with image. I think the next time I look in the mirror and think I look beautiful or skinny or smart or insert complimentary adjective I’ll believe it and count myself lucky.

Maybe you can do the same?