The other day I was sitting out front. The girls were toddling around the porch- precariously scaling the steps, perilously walking the outer perimeter, dancing upon the slender arms of the bench that sits on the dramatically sloped decking and sticking whatever random rusty, dusty and questionable looking things they found on the ground into their delicate little mouths. What was I doing you ask?

Why I was chronicling the whole thing through my beloved digital camera of course. (Did I mention they were barefoot?) Two photos emerged from the flurry of front porch play that made my heart skip a beat.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the rules of parenting: the need to’s and the have to’s and the everyone thinks we ought to’s. These photos cut through all of that and remind me of the aren’t we so blessed to’s.

We have two beautiful children. Two girls, each stunning in their own right. Wise. Funny. Strong. Daring. Loving. Magical. And I understand every day that they have always been my destiny, my family that was waiting for me.

My harbor and my paradise.

A magnificent mom whose blog I read with great delight, seems to be fighting a baby tug. I wanted to share with her that while it ain’t easy, things that are worth it rarely are. So as surely as Bubbles LaRue can shimmy, you can love two.

And love, you most certainly will sweet mama.