Mama, sit down and don’t worry about dinner. I’ll
make you a dish.

Mommy, what’s this cheese called? American? O.k.
first we’re going to break this up into little pieces.

Visiting grandfather beats hasty retreat
to his car.

Now we need pepperoni, also broken up into little

Now some peanut butter and top it off with cut

Mom, doesn’t this look dee-lish?

Mom? Why are you pouring so much wine in your glass?

Allison is not a cook and her children’s “cooking” are
either the mark of incredible creativity or a
desperate attempt to make a feast. The three future
Julia Childs are nearly 7-year-old twin boys and a
three-year-old girl. Allison is usually winking over
at Soccer Mom In Denial , and that is
where you can find the lovely Amanda. Do check out
other exchanges at The Blog Exchange.

And for the record, she ate “the dish”.