We interrupt the usual tales of ruffle bottom bathing suit clad little girls prancing through sprinklers and tender moonlit post-bedtime story moments to make a requested correction. I have this friend who has become very dear to our family.

He delights the girls

He has supported Sean in his work.

He counsels me. He also pushes me.

Lately I have taken to pushing back, which I think to him signals the true arrival to that elusive place where friendship lives, like Elvis up on the hill in his shady spot. Comfortable, safe, and with the freedom to do as we please.

“Put up some pictures. You gotta have impact. They want to know you.” He argued.

“We did. There are pictures up top. We just redesigned everything with more pictures,” I spat

“Not big enough. Can’t see you.” He parried.

If I were a different kind of girl I would have stamped my foot, instead, I’m here at the computer some twenty minutes post exchange uploading photos. Chagrined.

Here are the pictures, somehow I am confident that he’ll find a way to say I should have done it another way. But this is me. He did say he was taking photography lessons, perhaps I can get him to snap the shot.
Waiting for Avery – Sean took this days before she was born.

Briar’s first trip west.

My first visit to the Washington County Fair, it was there that Briar had her first and last taste of soft-serve ice cream. Blame it on my Eugene, Oregon upbringing, once is enough.

In our front yard a few days ago. The idea had been to blow bubbles, it quickly turned into a slap the wand and smear mom’s face in slimy bubble solution.

What do you think? Feel like you have a better sense of me?