Bloggers do it all the time, taking the keyword searches used to find them and crafting, like the great chefs of the world, brilliant blogging material. I have yet to really do that, though I often blush at the google searches that lead people to me…

The thing that has finally got me on this keyword search pony? The search for a friend. Someone is looking for my friend, and what a friend she is. So let’s turn this into a Public Friend Service Announcement.

Deborah F. of Pownal, Vermont is brilliant. She’s got a razor sharp wit, a magic hand in the kitchen, a head that can do math and logsitics in a way that makes me worry that one day she’ll catch on to the fact that my mathematic learnings were cut woefully short in about the third grade. She has been my mentor and friend and her oblivion to my mathematical shortcomings are truly a testament to how accepting she is. If you are looking to find out more about her you need only consider your greatest friend and most trustworthy confidant, then imagine that they live in a beautifully restored home in semi-rural Vermont with a library of tomes that will have you wishing for rainy days for months and then you might have an inkling of the type of person Deb really is.

She’s a gem and I miss her every day.

x’s and o’s to my Deb.