Ok, back from the trauma of another round of agonizing molar surfacing in the normally-sweet-during-daylight-hours of my twinkle-berry Avery, who turns into a roaring, whailing, thrashing bundle of fury at night. Thank you for your comforting words and pearls of ibuprofen and teething tablet wisdom, alas all that works is the breast, the oh-my-god-I-forgot-how-searingly-hot-the-tenderness-of-my-breasts-during-pregnancy could be.

The girls are napping now and I have been trolling the internet for maternity clothes that do not cost more than our monthly car payment. I popped over to Macy’s, no because I know them for being cheap, but because an ad popped up and I am so bleary eyed at this point I am susceptible to things that would normally go unnoticed. Unfamiliar with the navigation of the site I simply typed “maternity” into the search bar. I had no idea Macy’s could piss me off, but check it out, they did!

Do you think this should have come up?

Did it work? Did you see the category?


Am I overly hormonal? WTF?
Sure, why not?
But Junior?
Come on!