A toddler twist on the classic Three’s Company snippets of conversation taken out of context.

I’ve been working with Avery on colors and numbers.
Briar’s fascination with poop and and the variety of colors it comes in continue.

The scene this morning: Changing Avery’s diaper

“Mom, can you read me a story?” Briar called from the other room.

“In a minute honey, I’m changing Avery’s diaper.”

“Ok, I’ll wait for you with my stroller and my baby and my pony and my gloves in the kitchen.” She called back.

“Perfect. Ok, Ave, let’s change this diaper. Can you tell me what colors your tights are?” I coo down at her grinning face.




“Good, that’s right.”

“Did she poop?” A bellow from the kitchen.

“Yes, she did,” I answer slightly exasperated.

“Uh poop, uh poop. Uh poop-ed.” Proudly.

“Yes, you did.”

Briar thunders into the room, breathless, “What color is the poop?”


Sprinting to us Briar says, “Wow, purple poop, that’s great Avery.”