I’ve never professed to be a computer genius. My talents lie in an uncanny ability to go-all Nancy Drew and discover amazing sites, locate desperately needed information and unearth incredible bargains via persistent and swift virtual sleuthing. I’m also pretty handy at spinning a tale in this here blog that makes you laugh, cry or somehow hypnotizes you into coming back (Thanks always for that, wonderful readers).

My reason for writing today is a combination of the two, I need to elicit a response from you, make you feel compelled to write, and in doing so help me deal with a sort of load-time constipation I’ve been hearing about.

Picture me as the gaily decorated, locally grown, organic produce delivery truck, I’m tooling along on a country lane, delivering wholesome bounty to harried moms unable to break away from laundry, chores, multiple jobs and angelic kids. How’s my driving? Am I taking too long to get there? Is the produce bruised or wilted when we arrive?

We swapped some things out last night in an effort to alleviate things, but did it work? I want you to visit and to read, but I don’t expect you to do it if I am like the old tv with the rabbit ears that requires a dance to get good reception and leaves your arms and neck aching and a big old cursing rant on the tip of your tongue.

So, how am I doing? Is it better today? We made the changes on Tumble Dry too.

Big thanks to you!