Oh, the weight of the revelation. I got my hair cut today, many, many inches came off. Watching the transformation I began calling out silent taunts in my head to the falling locks, “See ya suck-ah! And stay gone, punk. We’re going to be just fine.” I was surprisingly relieved to see it gone. To see my face.

Then at home we had another transformation, painting our living room a color called Stony Fields. The previous color was granny smith apple green. I thought I loved it, just like I thought I loved my hair. So wrong. I hated the green, hated it. And Stony Fields? I want to sing I am so happy, besotted with our milk chocolaty walls. Purrrr.

Was this really worthy of a post? Perhaps not, but it gives me the opportunity to post this picture in which I had just proudly (and with great self-mocking) declared,

“This is how I roll.”

I’m a lucky woman because Sean snorted and chortled right along with me. But seriously, have you considered the things you might have in your life right now that you think you need? Think you love, but in reality are things that are literally weighing you down or denying you joy?

Go cut it, paint, snip it, toss it, whatever. It feels too good not to, I promise!