We were sitting in the living room watching tv the other night. I had three hampers full of clean clothes and was determined to get them folded before morning. Halfway through the first hamper Sean absentmindedly started picking items out and folding them. I dared not breath, so grateful for the help. We sat folding in companionable silence, the stacks on the ottoman growing satisfyingly taller.

After a few minutes Sean began to smile. I paused, watching him. His while face lit up and his eyes danced. I found myself smiling back. Finally I said, “What is it? Why are you laughing?” excited to get in on the fun.

He smiled for another moment, the laughter barely contained, as he folded a pair of my underwear and placed them upon a wobbly stack. He turned and patted the last pair and smiled devilishly, “They just keep getting bigger and bigger.”