It’s been a wild couple of days trying to regain our footing at home. You might remember we went and did this before leaving. Actually more has come down since then and we are set to rip up the floor as soon as this weekend. Little things like grocery shopping and sorting through all the holiday cards we didn’t deserve since we have yet to complete thank yous from our wedding or even create a birth announcement for Avery…can you do a combined Welcome to the world and We’re expecting missive? Who am I kidding, if it can’t be sent via email or online banking it just ain’t happening.

Yesterday saw us working at making the pygmy spaces that masquerade as closets for room identification purposes, into functioning locations for our clothes. We’ve only lived here for four years…how long did you take to do your closets? Wait, don’t answer that.

When it came time for dinner I called for the girls, I’d set them in front of The Incredibles about five minutes earlier. It was no surprise when they didn’t respond, but when I called a second and third time and was met with silence I rushed to the computer.

It would seem that a couple of somebodies are suffering a serious case of jet lag.