We certainly wouldn’t name a son “Sue,” but would we name a daughter “Lou”? Maybe.

Ok, not literally, but this name thing, it ain’t easy. Sean and I have to cop to not wanting to pick a name that is on any of the “Top Baby Name” lists. We thought we’d done pretty well, but I got a comment about 6 weeks ago from another woman who had two daughters named…

Briar and Avery.

Her Avery came before her Briar, so at least our names weren’t entirely replicated in another family.

We have had a list going very casually for about a month, but in the last couple of days have gotten very serious. I’m not sure where the sudden focus on naming this fantastically kicky little creature has come from, but I am thankful for it just the same. The response to the name post has made us realize that perhaps one or two of the names sitting high on the “maybe” list are soon to be making an appearance on some of those “Hot Baby Names” lists. Or perhaps you are all just incredibly savvy, with impeccable taste and no plans to have more children, so the names are safe.

Doubting that.

So where does that leave us? Do you even care? Good grief.

I don’t know anything more than this- we will be choosing a name that means something to Sean and me. Avery’s middle name is taken from the theatre where we met. Hearing it paired with a name we chose and bestowed upon a life we created together is what makes it so absolutely perfect. I am so looking forward to a day not so far from now, when we will meet this treasure of ours and begin an affair of loving her and reveling in the blessing that is being parents to our girls.

For all my fretting, I am thrilled to be sharing this with you all and thank you each for caring about our girls and the stories I tell.