So awful, laughing my congested ass off at the idea of someone trying to do a Jell-O shot of this belly.

Or maybe it’s the fact that not only did I not have an unopened box of Jell-O for this impromptu photo shoot, I didn’t have anything but Butterscotch pudding, which, while ‘Calci-yum!’ as the box promises, is not the best selection for a shot done off a belly, taut or, ahem, otherwise.

The out-takes are pretty hysterical too. Again, this may all be because I am home sick, bored, punchy and alone.

*This post is dedicated to the decidedly not-fat Mrs. Chicken who is having one of the inevitable “Do-I-look-like-the-fat-chick-at-the-bar-with-the-too-tight-clothing-or-do-people-understand-that-I-am-pregnant?” periods of pregnancy.