There is light at the end of the tunnel, the stomach bug, which gripped our house for so long, seems to be lifting. No more glassy eyes, relief from the side-splitting cramps and, most importantly, a shower. I have to admit to being too nauseous to have taken one and so this morning I washed several days of sick and yuck off. I feel renewed and am chomping at the bit to get out.

The girls and I will be cutting Easter eggs forms and bedazzling them the old fashioned way, with bits of glitter, sequins and ribbon and then hanging them in the window. Sean and I have a project planned, taking an old glass cabinet door from what used to be our dining room and turning it into a massive picture frame. I’ll post pictures when it is complete. Later I have plans to make homemade french fries with the girls and maybe take a walk around the block if the sub-arctic winds ever let up.

I have a stack of diaper and wipes coupons waiting under a magnet on the fridge and Target sent me a $20 gift card, the only hitch being I had to make a registry. Seriously, you want me to virtual shop (an activity I hold dear to my heart, all the fun of shopping without the pinch in the pocketbook, something my new definite-friend-material-almost-pal-Amy enjoys too!) and in exchange you’ll give me a $20 gift card? 15 minutes for 20 dollars, dee-licious!

So this afternoon I’ll take the girls to Target, Briar will hop on the big red concrete ball outside the entrance, Avery will grab something totally untoy-like such as her beloved Swiffer and call it her present, and I will roam the aisle, delirious with being out of the house, showered and armed with coupons and 20 free dollars!

It’s enough to make a gal kick up her heels!

I love a day filled with simple things making me happy. What’s making you happy today? C’mon, share, it feels good!