I know that all things are relative, but some things cut through things like ideological differences, age variables and geographical data, things like toddlers interpreting pop culture. Luckily in our house that has yet to include Hannah Montana or Bratz Dolls. Lately Briar has taken to asking to watch the “pirates,” which means Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s kind of scary, really scary actually.

But Briar, ever the sweet-faced, let’s-all-be-happy-girl, sees no evil.

“Are you scared, honey? You want to watch something else?” I asked as I stepped closer to her, my hand squeezing her should softly.

“No. No, mom. The pirates. But do you see that guy? Do you see him? That guy who ate too many noodles? His face is hurting because of so many noodles.”

Nice try Disney, my kid thinks your Davy Jones is the Ramen-achey face guy.