I decided that I should put naptime to good use, unfortunately I just came up with a bunch of questions.

Why does the shower curtain liner always fold in on itself and get bitty mold spots no matter how diligently I spray it with cleaner, scrub and dry it?

What is the clear sticky substance that always glues down anything I put on the second shelf of the fridge?

Do I have stress induced bald patches in my eyebrows or do I suck at plucking?

Does the Garnier under-eye, silver ball thing I bought actually make a difference or do I just feel better for having tried something?

Does a 3rd cup of coffee make me weak?

Does Fin have any idea how much I love it when she clings to me?

Can I possibly protect Briar from inheriting the traits from me that have caused me the greatest heartache?

Exactly how long will it be before Avery breaks another bone?

Am I beginning to look like a ventriloquist doll?

Am I alone in wondering these kinds of things?

Updated to add:

Briar just said, as she stroked the front of my shirt, “Mom, your belly looks like it is just going big again. Like you are having another baby. Are you?”

Horror! At least I was alone. But damn, for the record—

Here’s what she pointed at:

And here it is in profile with no sucking in. It may not be taut, but expectant? Excuse me while I go and weep quietly in the corner as I imagine the things she’ll say when she is actually trying to hurt my feelings.