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Posted on December 11, 2010

I wrote an email yesterday turning down an all expenses paid trip to a gala on the other side of the country. In San Francisco, no less. Sigh. My name had been randomly selected, and no, it wasn’t spam. It was a response to an entry I forgot I made after following a tweet. Three days, two nights, the W Hotel, a star from Mad Men hosting, a vintage fashion show, dazzling eco-friendly VIP bags for me and my guest. The 30 minutes I spent seriously considering it were the most exhilarating of recent past as it was not going to involve any work on my part. A winner, me, wow! The hitch was it was for this Sunday. After a week of family…

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Bearing Witness

Posted on December 7, 2010

Yesterday’s post had an asterisk on “..a person they’d just seen.” I forgot, after adding that, to explain it. We took all three girls to visit Daddy Norm (Sean’s grandfather) at the nursing home. We had no idea how much time was left and it certainly wasn’t easy (a 6, 4 and 2 year old in a nursing home at the end of the day) but we did it. They were gathered around his bed and spilling out of his room. We passed meal carts, laundry rollers and many, many strangers. The girls never blinked. They endured passing through the bracing wind into the suffocating, unfiltered heat and stale air of the building, to the oily air in the elevator all the while wearing…

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In a second

Posted on December 6, 2010

I was sprinting up the stairs with my cell phone to snap a picture. Sean had stepped into the bathtub fully clothed, after I asked him to help me with bath time. The girls were looking at him as if he’d hung the moon (with pink and purple strings) and I wanted to capture it on film. We’ve been working so hard and my guilt about not directing the lush holiday attention we all seem to expect should come naturally and easily at the holidays but never really does, was overwhelming. He was all lit up, his orange ball cap and navy wool sweater in stark contrast to their pearly skin, and as they dumped cups of water and I readied the phone another…

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Posted on December 1, 2010

Sitting in the hush of nap-time wondering about the rhythms we experience in our life, sometimes going through an accelerated tempo with regard to children’s milestones, other times it’s professional obstacles, personal breakthroughs and of course those delightful financial hurricanes. What triggers them? Do we all go through them with such force? This has been a repetitive theme for me, this sitting alone musing. This year has been more concentrated with drastic shifts for our family I grope for logic, some way to intuit what might come next, because if there is one thing I seem to be able to count on, it’s that something else will be coming along. Be ready. I am not. And I guess maybe that’s the lesson, be ready…

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Winking at me

Posted on November 26, 2010

It is late November, the holidays are settling over us, murmurs about Santa and letters of gratitude in a child’s determined hand fill the house. The girls are finally asleep, the anticipation of “fay-cajun with us all” having kept them pinging off one another from daybreak to mom-cracking. I’m sitting in the kitchen, avoiding the little things that need to be finished—a pile of glitter, rice and pine needles peeking out from behind the straw bristles of the broom, unmatched socks and washcloths still to be folded—and sipping that forbidden third cup of coffee. Here in the quiet between preparation and execution, I am numb. I have that pre-release tension, wanting so much to have everything set just right before I unclench my mind. I…

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