There is nothing that I do here that makes me any money. No ads. No sponsors. No giveaways. Nothing.

I started blogging in 2004 and have been pecking away (Sorry Mr. Demick, Keyboarding 101 was really just a long lunch for me, so rarely did I attend. You weren’t a perv, so I still don’t know how I passed…) ever since.

I attend conferences, participate in certain community-wide initiatives, but I am barely on the radar of marketers and brands. I suppose I kind of like it that way, less heartache, competition and potential clouding of mission. That said, it would be cool if I could toss you Starbucks and Visa cards from time to time. Instead I post things like this:

Look, sisters sleeping together like puppies.

And you leave the blog feeling a little bit warmer and fuzzier than when you came.

Or I tell you that we got an Xbox Kinect and that once when I was playing the boxing game by myself I got super hot and was fanning my shirt up and down to cool off and the box took a picture of me (headless torso wearing a magenta bra.) Now, the Xbox puts my shameful shot on the screen every time I finish a game.

And see, now you feel good because you realize we are foolish sometimes. Also, my guess is you will treat any future encounters with an Xbox as potentially predatory and take heed not to carelessly flash your pasty midriff at it.

Today I am sharing something with you that could save you a ton of money on your kids’ joy (he is the promoter, but more importantly he is my friend.) The Imagination Movers (A Disney act, note the Disney princess pajamas up there, see how I tie it all together subtlely-like?) are coming to Glens Falls on Thursday, April 14th.

You can buy tickets online. I wanted to give you an easy link, but alas, not sure Ticketmaster is made to play nice with blogs (oof, maybe it’s my smart ass mouth that prevents me from snagging sponsorships.) Or you can buy them in person at the Glens Falls Civic Center. Either way, you can use the code: MOMMY to get a discount.

Choo Choo Soul will be with them. Warning, if you click that link you will experience auto-play, which means everyone within 10 cubicles of you will hear you getting onboard the Choo Choo Train.

So I’ll leave you with this, sometimes, after you take your kids to a show they reward you.