I’ve learned a few things in the past couple of years.

Some lessons have been deep: I am mortal.

Some have not: These lips and lipstick don’t mix.

The thing that has been life-altering has been the realization that in daring to be passionate about something, I surpass my own perceptions of what I can and can’t do. When I doggedly pursue a goal for something I believe in, what I end up seeing in the reflection of my face and my deeds is potential. As I raise three daughters with my husband, I want to project possibility and the idea that we really can make a difference.

So, how do you do it? How do you move past being the mom who can’t write thank you notes on time or the student who always seems to fade into a cloud of mediocrity? How do you really make a mark?

It can be hard if you over-think it, which is why I am so thrilled about Make Your Mark Week*. The idea is that by pledging to do a series of simple things that relate to something you care about, young people can make their mark. I genuinely believe that our responsibility as parents and members of a bigger world than what is immediately before us, is to cultivate a day-to-dayness that involves participating and giving back.

This year the areas for Make Your Mark Week are: animals, environment, homelessness, hunger and literacy. The goal is to engage 200,000 young people. I think by channeling the power we all have when we are inspired, we can blow past that goal.

Feel like making a mark with us?

I came to know about Make Your Mark Week from a friend for whom I have deep admiration, her name is Jessica and she is raising two incredible people and doing great work for Points of Light Institute and Hands on Network. Make Your Mark Week is made possible by generationOn, the youth activation division of Points of Light Institute and founding partner, Hasbro, strives to inspire and mobilize youth to use their energy, ingenuity and compassion to “make their mark on the world” through hands-on service.