I spend a lot of time online for work—






Then there are the sites I frequent for inspiration, research and, let’s be honest, oblivion. I thought as we hurdle through the holidays it might be fun to just have a little fun. Here are a few things that have made me smile.

Cycle of customized apology Have your speakers on, but not too loud if you’re at work, unless of course you like blushing.

Gorgeous, sweaty revelation Searching for a way to push through an emotional plateau? You aren’t alone.

A different Disney Do you realize how precious your perspective is?

Beauty for eyes, ears and soul Mesmerizing.

Sorry, this one is a departure, but her words have stayed with me and the beauty of the message is perfect for the season.

A way home.

Have you found anything amazing lately? Silly, inspiring, absurd? Won’t you share it?

Gift for this Friday: Leave everything bad that happened outside your door and give yourself the weekend to heal. You deserve it.