Just because a person is born in the Adirondacks doesn’t mean that they automatically love winter. Finley was slow to take to snow. Over time she has gotten heartier, scampering up trails on hikes and developing a fierce devotion to lake swimming.

This morning’s blanket of snow brought squeals and declarations of intentions to “play outside all day!” We hadn’t been outside long when the inevitable happened, a face full of snow that snuck all the way down her snowsuit. She responded appropriately.



Sean was upstairs trying to sleep his way out of a sore throat and Fin’s sisters were literally knee deep in snow in the farthest corner of our yard. “Honey, do you need to go inside?” Alligator tears sprang from her eyes, the crumpled lines of her chin made my own mouth turn downward. “I can take you inside.”

The thing about Finley is that for every instance of playing the baby card, she pulls the cool kid card. She shook it off, pulled out her most radiant smile, and romped like a little Adirondacker the rest of the day.