Sometimes all you need is a good walk. Since it’s 4am and I am scared of walking our neighborhood alone in the dark (woods!) I’m taking a stroll online. Here, after the weight of yesterday’s post, is pure, pre-dawn fluff.

Be fanciful.



Some girls like chocolate, I like boots. Chocolate is cheaper, but boots last longer.

I love shoes! This pair beckon with a promise to walk with me to an amazing place.

Navy and pleats without sleeves makes me think of the breeze off the lake as the sun is setting. Date dress.

If it gets chilly, look, a pretty sweater.

Some leather courage? Tough girl Moto Jacket.

Can you imagine these hanging over your kitchen sink? It would always feel like spring.

Saturday morning coffee date…in Lake Placid.

It’s calling for up to a foot of snow tomorrow. These’d work.

This, in the girls room, would be too cute.

Or this on Sean for a Father Daughter dance.

Looking forward to summer nights in the backyard.

Whimsy for the front door?

Love for the junk drawer.

Make something.

What do you do for fresh air?