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You get what you pay for and other life lessons of rarely putting yourself first.

Posted on August 10, 2014

  “Damnit! Every time.” I said, not as angry as it might read, more resigned than anything. “Are those new?” Sean asked nodding toward my newly spattered with pasta sauce pants. “Yes,” I sighed looking down at the cloud blue colored sweat pants. They have a light line down the side and go to just past my knees. “They were an add on to the Gap order I made for the girls.” He rolled his eyes. “What? Do you not like them? I wanted them to be something for the colder weather that would look kind of easy, but sexy.” I said with a chagrined pout. “Yes, I like them. They are everything you wanted, but you’ll wash them once and they’ll lose their…

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Negative as a Habit

Posted on August 8, 2014

  I am as guilty as the next person for getting caught up in the jagged edges of “Yeah, but…” I’ve been trying to curb the habit, particularly as we get deeper and deeper into the sibling squabbles and battles of who was more wrong. I hear the words coming out of my mouth as I reason with the girls about letting things go, “You just have focus on you, don’t let what your sister or any of the kids at camp say, change your joy.” It makes sense, it’s great advice that will serve them their entire lives; if they hang onto it beyond elementary school. I catch myself having anticipatory verbal spars in the shower. Like I’m on a basketball court and…

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A Photographer is Coming

Posted on August 2, 2014

We flew to Washington to in July.

My mom said, “You don’t have to do anything. Seriously, totally going to be about pool time and relaxing.”

“Great, that’s all we want.” I said.

Then she said, “And just one thing, there is photographer coming Thursday night to take pictures.”

It became a bit of a running joke. My sister and I are easy going and willing to do just about anything mom asks, but neither of us are what you’d call at ease in front of a camera. Luckily the photographer that my mom had come over was a genius when it came to making us all but forget she was snapping away. Her name is Jen, if you are ever in WA state call her.

This is us looking happy and just delighted with life. We were and that it’s preserved here almost makes me cry.

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“I just want my children and family in one place,” she always says. We were and she beamed.

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“Now with Sean, Sean should be in here.” He joined and brought shenanigans.

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She said, “Get the girls in the pool.” Done

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Papa said, “Ok, girls, come with me. I have an idea.” He blew their minds.

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“Amanda and Sean, get Amanda and Sean.”

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She took a few different shots of us & said, “Great, got it!” We started to walk toward the deck, he pulled me close. “I love you.”

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“Are you? You are aren’t you? Fine, you’re coming too,” I warned as he pulled me toward the pool. He shrieked & started to fall.

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We went in.

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The girls joined us.

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It was the perfect thing! Thanks Jen, mom, Papa, and Ab.

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