Hopefully you read the post I wrote the other day about getting past the awkwardness of focusing on taking care of yourself. If you are a blogger and interested in focusing on that part of your life more, this post may prove to be your lucky day as I am giving away a pass to BlogHer PRO ’14.

Dani Shapiro, as she talked about how to prepare yourself for the outcomes you want to achieve on a daily basis, “It takes so little to start your day out right. We rarely do it, but we can. Little things.” For her it’s drinking her cappuccino without checking her email. A moment of reflection before the pursuit of the endless life threads that no amount of focus will ever organize in a day.

A few days before I left for the conference I discovered I’d won a BlogHer PRO pass. The conference is December 3&4, which is also the beginning of my parents’ annual holiday visit. Having just spent two days at a writing conference, I just can’t swing it. I don’t feel deprived at all and in fact, I am so excited to give this to someone out there. My experiences with BlogHer have been incredible. The conference is in San Francisco, which may just be my favorite city. It is rugged and refined, beautiful and unintimidating, yet wholly unforgettable.  And the conference? My beloved, f-word being, Jenni Chiu is going to be there. The sessions are intended to be action-rich, meaning that rather than a glitzy networking extravaganza (which can be great!) it is going to be a you-rich event.

Work on your pitch, whether for ad space, sponsored posts, or a book proposal. Have you been listing, sort of bobbing around lacking the push to take things to the next level? Are you this-close-to-cracking-the-code? Do you want to immerse yourself in your passion? Roll up your sleeves, dig in, and walk away with incredible new connections and new clarity on how to get where you want.

I realize that I am gushing, but if you are out there wishing that you were somewhere different with your blogging, this could be your moment.

Leave a comment about self-care or the pursuit of dreams and you may win a pass to BlogHer PRO ’14.

Wednesday at noon I’ll pick a winner and connect that person with Rita Arens from BlogHer. She’ll be a speaker at the conference and, after having heard her speak at BlogHer Writers a few years ago, I can promise that she is smart, sharp, and gives you straight talk on how to get a book written and published.

I don’t have one of the fancy helicopter widgets, but if you tweet about this and leave a comment with a link to the tweet, you’ll up your chances of winning.

Let’s do it!


UPDATE: Congratulations to Maryanne, whose name I just pulled. You’re going to BlogHer PRO!