Sometimes I don’t know which I like more, watching the girls or just listening to them. Today I was sitting on the sofa, Sean’s mom and Jeannie had just stopped by with loot from the Disney Store in the city. Briar had wandered over to the computer where Little Einsteins had been playing, forgotten in the background. She climbed up in the chair, started bobbing her head to the trick or treat song and then raised her new Minnie and Mickey dolls and waved them in a silly dance above her head. She was oblivious to us as she worked to move her head and the dolls to the music. Later she took the dolls, a dump truck, a monster truck, a Barbie dune buggy, several balls, and a musical bowling pin into her tunnel and put them all to bed in the tunnel.

“Shhh, ah-body seepin’, a–body seepin.”

Avery, propped up on her belly on a pillow in front of the mirror will tip her head back, wince while squinting her eyes and then let out a shrill wail as she arches her back. I know this sounds like she’s in pain or discomfort, but honestly it’s a little game. She does it a couple of times then she straightens out, looks in the mirror, blows enough spit bubbles to soak her chin (literally, this girl can drool) and then smiles at her reflection.

Then we’ve got Briar walking around with Barbie forcing those twig like arms forward (Barbie’s not hers).

“Crap hams. Crap hams. Hams crappin’.”

“You got it honey. Barbie is clapping her hands.”

“Ah-body crappin’.”

“Yup, everybody is clapping.”

Sometimes it’s hard not to repeat what she is saying. My favorite thing is when I am reminded of something she has said. Like I am on the street and I look down and see a grate with a slit in it. I immediately feel a rush of warmth just like when the sun comes out from behind a cloud and warms you. Briar would take one look at that slit, press her index finger to her lips and say,

“Shhh, ees uh seepin.”

Briar can find someone sleeping anywhere. I actually have an all day commitment tomorrow which may prove to be quite boring. I know I’ll be able to look around and find something sleeping and hear her little voice in my head

“Shhhhhh, e-seepin”.

Here’s a series of shots that give a little taste of what it’s like just being around the girls. They are both constantly engaged, sometimes with each other, sometimes not.

These last two are just to demonstrate that Avery has the ability to turn her eyes on you and have you saying, “Ok, that’s it, I am going to worship and adore you for the rest of your life you amazing, sparkly eyed little creature. If you could feel her skin and smell that incredible baby smell…
you’d be totally, completely, helplessly gaga for Avery.