Our house is filled with the sweetest sounds. Briar is a cheerful little chatterbox with an ever expanding vocabulary. She has been stringing words together for sometime now, but lately they have really begun to be sentences.

“Daddy. Coming, back. Now, Daddy. Happy eating now.”


“Barny, soft, happy. Ella barking, back in. Nice.”

And Avery has this squeal she uses to let us know that she’s happy. She kicks her little feet out, juts her chin forward and then squeals. She is also getting very good at mimicking Briar. This morning she was actually flirting with her dad and I heard her say an almost perfect, “Hey.”

On our way back from Connecticut on Sunday she was cooing and then Briar started laughing at something. Avery cocked her head in Briar’s direction, gave a little kick and then let out a perfect imitation of Briar’s laugh. You can imagine how cool Briar thought that was. She immediately laughed again and watched Avery, who did not disappoint. Spot on rendition of a Briar laugh escaped Avery’s lips. I was in the backseat as the giggle volley continued, both girls sat with twinkling eyes and huge smiles as they talked through laughter. It was incredible.

A different kind of incredible is the development of crying copying. Oh yes, when Avery makes her tired or slightly unhappy squeal, which is high pitched and surprisingly long considering the amount of air it would seem it needs, Briar gets a look of delight as she proceeds to perfectly recreate the Avery squeal only louder and slightly longer. It tends to frighten Avery, which makes her squeal again. Better than a talking Dress Me Elmo doll in Briar’s eyes.

But you know what? It’s honestly just as sweet a sound as the giggling. Witnessing these two little people communicating, hearing the sounds of life and discovery is just so incredible.