Enough with the barn and Vermont, right? And besides dip shit, that’s a silo. Whatever. As Sean would happily tell you, I can’t be bothered to distinguish between magenta and pink. They bleed the same in the wash…

A year ago we never went anywhere. I mean a trip to the grocery store for wax paper and flax seed was exciting. Stop laughing, I’m not kidding. I once snapped at Sean because I just needed to get the hell out of the house. “Please, just let me go get a cup of coffee!” I hopped in the car, started it and realized not only did I not have a bra on, my socks didn’t match and I had applied mascara on just one eye, because you know, braless and Victor/Victoria eye make-up is so current, or as I overheard in a salon, “It’s on trend.”

What the hell is, “on trend”? The salon owner was training a couple of new stylists and she said, “Be sure to tell the girls that the up-do is on trend they need to know that on trend is what they are getting here. Everything is on trend” Does that not sound just slightly off? I suppose I shouldn’t talk since I have basically had the same hair style (and I use the term ‘style’ loosely)since before graduating high school…there was that one departure when I chopped it all off to play Beatrice in Servant of Two Masters, but that doesn’t really count. No matter how you cut it I am just so hopelessly not “on trend.”

As I was saying, we never went anywhere. We only had one little one for pete’s sake. What were we thinking? Now we have two in diapers, one super mobile and one more mobile by the second, and by mobile I of course mean squirmy and uncooperative. Just feel like we really deserving of a parental badge, the Traveled with 2 and survived. I suppose some parents might think we’re awful for schlepping our kids all over, but a drive to Vermont isn’t exactly transatlantic travel. And the girls are so good and we are learning to be so flexible, and by we, I mean Sean, and by flexible I mean not exploding. I think since guys don’t carry the little angels inside for 10 months learning little peculiarities like-
Hmm, I can’t go for more than 11.5 minutes without peeing and I need to eat approximately every 33 minutes.
They don’t become acclimated to the high maintenance reality of traveling with little ones until they are actually traveling with little ones unsuccessfully. Did that run-on sentence make sense to anyone other than me?
The girls absolutely delighted each other, except for one bit of country road when Avery musically babbled and gurgled to Briar for which she was rewarded with, No! No! A-ree, NO! God bless her she just kept on keepin’ on. Life will be really interesting about a month from now when Avery is truly mobile.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that despite the challenge of everything necessary to travel and despite oppposing nap schedules and despite my tendency to regret making plans, our little family has been putting the Subaru to good use. And it’s been fun. And Vermont is nice. And barns are pretty. So are silos. So there.

Happy trails.