Hey Man?

Yeah, babe.

I don’t think I ever finished your post about Sunday.

That’s ok.

How did it end?

Ummm, something about Christina wearing a hat and that I thought her hair still looked perfect underneath.



Did anyone finish it?

What do you mean?

Well it was kind of long…


Well, the editor in me saw a very definite opportunity to call cut, leaving the remainder for the sequel.

Excuse me?

You know, break it up and capture the summer audience.

Sean, I was just trying to tell the story.

A trilogy even.


Well, you think people read it? It was more like a chapter than a post.

As a matter of fact people did read it.


Emily for starters.

Really? Cause I’m your husband and…

And you didn’t read it.

Tell me more about how it ended.


Why not?

Cause you’re a jerk.

Ah, Man, c’mon. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It was great, just long.

But I didn’t even mention the brownies.

Yes, you did.

Oh. Really?



So how did it end?

We don’t have enough time.

I hate it when he’s right. Special thanks to Emily for taking 45 minutes from her daughters to read my post. I’ll endeavor to share my stories in 750 words or less from now on.