A few weeks ago the girls and I tagged along as Sean ran something out to the farm of a client of his in Washington County, Hebron to be exact. Since then Briar has talked in hushed tones about Jon’s animals. He has cows, sheep, donkeys, chickens a rooster, a barn cat, and 3 border collies. Last night we had a chance to go out and spend some quality time on the farm. It is the kind of place that makes you want to get dirt under your nails and play until the last bit of day has slipped behind the hills.

Red seems redder

Air smells sweeter.*

Views take your breath away.

Magic abounds.

Dirt gets a second look.

Things are seen eye to eye.

Friendships are forged with gentle dogs like Izzy.

And with cool cats

And inquisitive asses.

And then not so inquisitive asses.

*My helpful husband said: “You realize you said the air smells sweeter over a picture with shit in the foreground.” For the record, I was well aware of that,in the right setting, shit smells good, sweet even.