That’s right, I said it, a perfect 10. Tagged by pgoodness, I am taking the Blog Antagonist’s meme to new self-confidence boosting lengths, a little Bo Derek in place of Stuart Smalley to put that extra sass back in a mama’s step.

Without further ado, ten things I like about myself:

1.The two freckles on my right foot. They’re directly beneath my second to last toe and serve as the natural stand in for the tatoo that I was too afraid to get 15 years ago, and now know I would have regretted.

2. My eyes. I lamented for years that they weren’t quite green, definitely weren’t blue or, sigh, a deep, dark brown. They are hazel, heavy on the green, a dark peacock line holding in the golden flecks.

3. My jawline, weird, I know. It’s strong and wide, and even on days when a meme like this would do me in, leaving me a whimpering puddle of self-loathing, it’s there in a reflection. Crisp and defined, it strongarms the wishes for a different this or that before they are given voice, it sets the stage for a face I see as attractive, dare I say beautiful.

4. My legs, freshly shaved, ‘nuf said.

5. My post-Aveda Salon hair. I know, this one kind of doesn’t fit, but I am trying to get myself off my duff and to the salon, where I’ve not been since February.

6. My ears. They’re dainty and they work really, really well despite what a few of my teachers from Harris Elementary School may have said on report cards.

7. My entire body for bringing two exquisite babies into the world.

8. My athleticism. I love that when given the choice between riding and walking, I choose walking, running over walking, and sweating over sitting.

9. My I-can-fix-it-creativity, directly passed on from my mom. It has saved my ass as a mother, employee and human being more times than I can count.

10. The way I write my “g”s and “y”s, they look like my Dad’s, that proof of connection is endlessly fascinating and reassuring.

And just for good measure:

11. The way I look and feel in killer jeans and heels. Va va va voom.

As for who I tag:

Trina, cause she knows how to see good in everyone else, let’s test her mettle for herself.

DamselFly, because we had a delightful chat the other day and I’d love to hear more from her.

Debbie, my friend without a blog. She’s working on herself and she’s doing a kick ass job losing weight and being positive. I think this would be a great exercise for her.

Keith, who also has no blog. But my god man, you’ve moved to Boulder. Buy a camera, start a blog and throw me a bone.

Froglette, the artist, I’d like to know she thinks she is as beautiful as she comes across through her writing.

If you’ve already done it, at least consider doing it again. What’s the worst that could come from thinking of (gasp) another ten things you like about yourself? Or just do a positive post, a little I experienced soomething today that makes me feel the world isn’t an awful place after all kind of post.