I have a confession to make, it’s kind of embarrassing, but, in the interest of maintaining my direct approach here at Chez Wink:

I love a fuss.

I’m not talking about a toddler tantrum type of fuss, though sometimes the unintentional comedy factor of an all out kicking and screaming, no-no-no’ing meltdown kind of soothes me, making my own frustration with a wheezzing bank account or aggravating neighbor less obnoxious.

No, the kind of fuss I am talking about is over me.

Really? For me?
Oh you shouldn’t have.
You didn’t need to go to all that trouble, it’s just me.

But what I really think, is more along the lines of a kid walking into the living room and spotting the overstuffed stockings on Christmas morning. My eyes pop, my heart lifts, spirit soaring and silently thinking, “Yes!”

Today is my 34th birthday, and though I may be wiser, I am no less delighted by a fuss. Mine began two weeks ago with a package from my mom: dresses for the girls and two quilts for me. Quilts! My love for them is matched only by my love for bowls! And continued last night with a beautiful assortments of unnecessary wonders from a little shop downtown, including a bowl. Thank you Sean! Debbie made a beautiful bracelet, sparkly and bright, beads of silver interspersed with the green and blue birthstones of my girls. Wearing it, loving it!

I spend most of the other 364 days of the year putting myself second to the people I love, reveling in care taking, tending to boo boos and kneading sore muscles. That’s why I feel no shame in saying that today is for me.

Have you taken a day for you lately?