The Sitting: Sunny beach in Connecticut.
The Players: Two toddlers, Dad and a camera, Mom’s old bathing suit.
The Drama: Mom tries to keep her girls safe…both sets.

From a distance we are a mom and two daughters taking a dip.

Up close we are a mom being tugged
into a topless flashing scenario
at the happy hands of a 15 month old none too keen on waves.

Knowing I won’t call attention to myself in front of strangers
and in-laws alike by by screeching, “Yo, dad-man,
stop taking pictures, I’m hanging al fresco,”

Sean comes closer, rapid shooting no doubt.

I’ll see your fast frame and raise you a pair of mama-masking toddlers.

Damn, now Briar is tugging too.

Atta girl honey, help mommy a bit!

Oh, ok. Avery you want to actually swim now?
Great, apparently so too does my left breast.

Here’s the deal Ave, mama can keep you safe
right up here against my chest, ok?

Oh, good girl baby.

What’choo gonna do now cameraman dad?