I’ve read other bloggers refer to posting the content of spam emails as a tired, cop-out of sorts. And while I have found the odd priceless missive of spam love, I tend to agree. I hope the following will be the blogosphere embraced exception to the rule as it isn’t technically spam, though it is reposting someone else’s words.

You see I am still trying to find maternity clothing. I have taken some of your advice, sweet readers-of-mine, and I’ve ordered from Old Navy, while my mom swooped in and called me, credit card in hand and Gap Maternity online in front of her and made a purchase. I have also been dipping my toe in the Ebay waters morass. I find that I loathe the competition, as I suffer the thrift store sticker shock, for example:

This pair of EUC Gap size 8 Long Flare Leg jeans open at $5 and carry a S&H charge of $9.99, bidding ends in 7 days.

I gasp at the shipping and handling, shake my head at the 7 days of bidding and move on.

This pair of NWOT Gap size 8 Straight Leg jeans start at $1 and carry a S&H of $6, bidding ends in 2 days 1 hour

This I approve of, and enter a maximum bid of $11.22.

I get a confirmation email.

An hour later, with 2 days of bidding left, I am outbid. I glare at the screen.

The current winning bid is $11.50.


I angrily punch in $16.75.

I get an email confirming my bid.

Before bed I check my email.

You have been outbid, the current winning bid is $17.01. Try bidding again!

That would be $23.01, I think sputtering. Now mind you that is still far less than anything I could find in a store, but I am offended, like pat my chest feverishly offended. It’s just exhausting, and I would totally give up were it not for listings like this:

It a bed dream!!! ,When you during pregnant all of your body;womb,cup of the breast,arm and leg have enlarge.Although you wear any dresses,you have gone trouble.Thence you lose yourself-confidence and you don’t want anyone to see you.Now we have the best way to bring it back.You just stay home and choose it!!.

Our dresses was design by designer who have more effective and experience to create ours dress.Our dresses is suitable for women who pregnant.

We choose only high quality materials. Ours dress was design to elastic and match with your body.That can show up yourself and help to keep your demerit.Our price is cheaper than the market value.That’s specail for you to celebrate my new store.Please try to trust with our dress,then you will know it not problem when you pregnant,you can look great.


This price is special for my first stock only !!!!!

Item Description

This top have cord to adjust your bust ,make from good chiffon red and white color and big dot .
This top suitable for women who pregnant first conceive interval until you deliver.
This top suitable for indoors everyday and outdoors picnic,shopping.(look lively )

Call me crazy, but I kind of love this shirt. I can’t decide what to do, but I may just frame this description.