I’ve not once copped to being creatively obliterated by the challenge of NaBloPoMo, and I’d like to think that my posts have maintained a certain integrity. That all ends today. I am posting way too much video that will more than likely fall on its face as far as blog content goes, but it was oh so fun as I experienced it in the moment, and if it were to give you even a smidgeon of that joy, then I think the three hours it took to upload will have been worth it.

This is a moving snapshot (moving as in “in motion,” not particularly tug-at-your-heart-strings, maybe assault-your-eardrums, but certainly not gooey) of our efforts to burn off the extra energy the girls had last night at bedtime. The video is but a fraction of what actually went down. I hope you enjoy, but if you don’t, I totally understand and pledge no more video heavy posts.