My apologies, but as so many of you have experienced, when local readership catches on, one’s ability to speak freely is compromised. Yesterday marked a point in the road at which I can talk…some. Obviously there was a job offer, then another, and then from another came a counter to rival the others. It took me right back to every time I ever had a boyfriend and suddenly became irresistible to all men. I’d draw sly looks in the grocery store, lecherous looks on the street and excessive attention just about everywhere else. The difference now is that instead of blushing, I’m giving come hither looks and encouraging the attention.

It is intoxicating, this awareness of being wanted. After so long in an area that lives on “who you know” and “the way it’s always been done,” I’d quite honestly forgotten what it felt like to matter to anyone beyond my immediate circle. So, to put an end to some of the suspense, it is not the book that I have been hinting about, though that too has resurfaced. My dear friend has come back and we are working to get me on track with the book. The job offers come from the hospital and a friend, each with incredible promise, allowing me to be challenged and appreciated, but also afford me time at home. The counter comes from my current job, conveying an appreciation for me that I hadn’t known existed.

I have to chuckle as my belly grows, inexplicably, so too, do my options.

We’ll be posting belly shots soon. And, of course, as I make my decision I’ll be posting that/those too.

Thank you for sharing the excitement with me, and for being with me as I’ve made my way through bringing home Briar and arriving at afternoons working from home with my girls beside me.