Ok, so a wildlife expert I am not. I think it’s kind of a good thing because it means that I can get breathlessly excited about spying a turtle in the pond at the park or spotting a rabbit in a field. I was on the phone just now and something caught my eye out the window…

“Oh my god. Oh. My. God!” I squealed to my coworker.

“There’s, umm, there’s a, a, a hawk in my yard. Or an eagle, well not an eagle, but really maybe a hawk.”

She was unimpressed but characteristically delighted by my propensity for being excited by what some might consider the mundane.

“I am so taking a picture of that…winged creature. It’s in my backyard!”

So, I’ll now share the photo with you. If it’s an a common parking lot speckled pigeon please keep it to yourself. I’m treasuring this as if I’d happened upon a unicorn.