Greetings from the Adirondacks,
with humidity so fierce,
even the blackflies have left.

We trekked to Sears last night in search of an AC unit that would fit our windows and somewhere a contractor snorted, many decades past having installed deviously narrow windows.

Me: “Ah, yes, we’re looking for an AC unit no wider than 15 inches.”

Dude from Sears (with a chuckle): “You mean no taller than 15 inches.”

Me: “No, I mean no wider than 15 inches.”

Dude from Sears: “Ah, no, you mean tall, windows don’t come 15 inches wide.” (swallowing a snide, “Unless you’re in a 5 x 5 cell.”)

Me: “No, I really mean 15 inches. The window we need to install this in is 15 and 1/4 inches wide.”

Dude from Sears: Silence.

Me: Projecting serious waves of, “Figure it out.”

Dude from Sears: “We have this one, it’s 14 and 3/4 inches but it’s supposed to go in the windows that slide side to side.”

We all looked at it, circling the thing which must have shot out three feet in back, thereby necessitating the construction of a support and destruction of siding.

Me: “How much?”

DfS: “Ah, like 4-something.”

Deducing quickly that he did not mean a five spot would cover it, I slunk my head and bade him farewell.


42 days.

It’s been 42 days since Finely arrived. She is amazing and wonderful and our family feels so perfectly complete. My belly however, well, my belly feels, umm, like Finley, soft and rolly polly. Nothing wrong with that really, except that I am going in a pool tonight. In front of people. I’d stay out but it’s like the 7th chamber of hell it’s so hot here. You know the kind of hot that starts before the coffee has even brewed and has you drenched with sweat before you’ve switched from towel to underwear after a shower?

At 42 days I could theoretically start working out, but again, the heat…

Why did I move here again?

Oh, yeah, that’s right.