Ave and Briar have been helping me figure out what the fiddleybop to wear at Blogher. I mean it’s San Francisco, people are so chic there, ok, people anywhere are chic compared to what you find in the Adirondacks (Apologies to Raeanne, Amy and Trina, ya’ll are super chic!) Now my cheeks are flaming because my god, who says, “Chic?”

Anyway, back to the conference. It’ll be a mere 2.5 months since I had Finley. Let’s be honest, even the most confident of us are struggling a bit at 10 weeks postpartum, the impatience with things going back into place (Shut up! They will too go back into place!) And, while this isn’t prom, you also kind of want to look your best when, after months, or even years, of someone’s writing, or of them reading yours, or after envying the casual hippness of their tweets you kinda want to look good…or something. I’ve been struggling because the whole underwear and tanktop thing was really working for me, but something tells me that without the cute belly, no matter how dazed my expression, it might not be so openly embraced.

Briar’s been cooking up ideas, but I can’t pull off pink and violet together.

And while I am bringing Finley, I don’t think I’ll be bringing a stroller and this is slightly more “bag lady” than I had hoped.

They raise a good point here: dress up or dress down? I think my answer is somewhere between Cinderella and a hoody with Huggies, no?

Avery does headwear better then I can, so this look is out, though I may take a cue and pack Daddy’s wallet.

And while I love the idea of preparedness, galoshes for rain, tank for heat, I think I’ll take my chances.

My waffling has worn on the girls, they tag teamed me last night with this headgear-heavy look. Perhaps the message is that I ought to go to the salon before July…

Are you going? Any suggestions for me?