Daughter crush, really. And father of daughters crush.

For all my fretting and frustration, I have been having a good time – falling in love with these girls and settling into a rhythm. I am sure there will be hiccups, but taking two ours Friday afternoon at the beach in Bolton and then three hours in my own backyard on Saturday, I am refreshed.

Who knew you could just have fun with your kids?! No projects. No hassles. Just together. Loving it.

The sigh that escaped me also threatened to tip me. Tomorrow I am off to get my hair done and then Thursday it is off to BlogHer. I hope to spend many hours in between doing silly things like walks in the rain with one daughter at a time and swatting Sean for stunts like telling me the bug on the chair was a freaking queen ant and that we were under attack.

Here’s a taste of what has had me so happy: