The rooms were still, the only sound the gentle whir of the paddles on the fan. The sheets were cool around me, the blankets long since kicked aside. The drapes were drawn, but for a narrow slit on each wall through which reflections from the lake snuck casting dancing shadows on the highest point along the wall.

Finley’s face was buried in my chest and her palm rested on my cheek, her breath was soft and touched my skin like a kiss. Briar was in the next bed, her limbs, silver in the light, were spread out making the most of the full size bed. A blue twist of fleece blanket snaked around her torso and one hand peeked out, her fingers like points on a tiara, even in sleep conjuring princesses. Avery stirred in the next room, little murmurs and creaks teased at the door.

I watched the shimmering light on the wall, its movement constant and captivating. The sun on the lake was changing the reflection, lines flickered like streamers on handlebars and I smiled. Soon the girls would wake; a baby at my breast, Avery tracing the lines on my skin, and Briar leaning her slight frame into my own.

Three daughters and a new dawn.

I am so very blessed.