Yesterday I took a train bound for New York City.

I hadn’t imagined I’d get to go after the past month, yet here I am.

Mingling with unbelievably elegant people at an almost rooftop bash thrown by Martha Stewart.

Sitting 3 feet from Gavin Degraw at an exclusive party hosted by Schick.

Rubbing elbows with people I’ve admire through a screen for years.

It’s lovely and magical and everything I’d thought it would be.

And yet…

Every cab ride I take, every new corner I round and every window I look through…

I find myself imagining if the girls were here.

If Sean were walking beside me.

If the small talk I was making was about what animal New York City clouds look like and what kind of creatures live under those big round circles in the sidewalk.

It isn’t that I’m not enjoying myself, because I am, I truly am. It is the simple truth that for every step I take away from my family, the more precious I know it is.


So if you aren’t at BlogHer, just take a moment to imagine being far away and then turn back around and see all that you have.

That’s the big deal. Promise.