Resharing from Instagram because when we forget to share the good things out loud, sometimes I think we can also cheat ourselves out of feeling them.

I was running an errand a couple blocks from my office. I decided to walk because lately walks haven’t really been in the mix on account of my schedule and the weather. It was such a departure to move without hurrying. I got to the end of the sidewalk, looked up, and gasped. It was cold enough to see my breath and I was staring at a bee hive. I thought of reading Winnie the Pooh as a little girl, of my grandfather wanting to have his copy of the book near him as he was in hospice care, and of my girls and our discovery walks. I slowly crossed the street and then stared up at the hive. I felt small, but in a good way, like the world was so much larger than me and full of possibility and opportunity. One of the trickiest things of parenting may be not allowing the events of the day to swallow you whole.

I can’t stop looking up in wonder, I can’t give into hopelessness. There is honey to be had and honey to make, and honey to share.

Let’s be…