Abbie will appreciate the reference to a sweet 80’s tune in the title of this entry.

Shout out to Abbie. (insert Arsenio Hall dog chant)

While I am doing totally cheesy stuff in the general direction of my stellar sister. I just want to throw out one more thing. I checked Paula Abdul lyrics just now, an interesting exercise. Unfortunately Paula let me down, but another top 40 diva from the past (and present God bless her)came close. Yes, the butterfly lover has some wisdom. Go back and check out “Someday” Abs. It’s not totally on, but it’s close. Gather up some rah-rah girl power sass and strut your valuable self away.

Hit the spa.
Hit the movie theatre.
Hit a passing dumb male…(apologies to all the brilliant males reading this)

I love you.

And if that doesn’t take your mind off it. Listen to this.

Briar has to get a shot. Not just a shot actually, tonight they are taking blood. It’s the standard 1 year old lead poison testing, but still. I am having Nannie give her Tylenol at 4:30 so that it’ll take the edge off the 5:30 shot. In what I would like to call an act of solidarity (but it’s really under doctor’s orders) I am having my prenatal bloodwork done. If I remember correctly it’s like 10 decent sized vials of blood.

Oooh, queasy just thinking about it.

So the Magees will be at the recently renovated GF Hospital tonight.

More later. Until then, a few pics.