Fancy title.
Probably has you expecting snow dusted evergreens,
cheery caroling pictures and people dressed up in their Sunday best.


Just a hodge podge of pictures taken on Christmas, and one odd funny face picture thrown in for good measure. Briar is a master of making faces that leave us in puddle of gooey emotion or just plain hysterical laughter. She’s broadened her concerned look to include a bit of tongue commentary. Enjoy!

Here she is cruising in her car from Nana with Dad looking on proudly.

This was actually Christmas Eve. Happy, healthy and together.
We had our every wish come true this holiday.
Truly an embarrassment of riches.
Thank you to all of our family and friends who shared with us
through cards, calls, gifts and togetherness.

We feels so blessed.

Briar got her very own baby this Christmas and she is demonstrating very clearly how much love she has to give. We were both astounded by her immediate response to her baby, lavishing her with love and tender affection. Even giving her a fresh diaper!

Ok. Can you look at this and feel anything but delight?
Maybe I am biased, but she is just so expressive and funny!

Toys, book, clothes, music, guests.
All she wanted was to be in her box.
She was kind enough to let Barnaby join her for a bit.

I’ll post more pictures soon and regale you with Christmas stories.

Love to everyone and wishes for a safe and joyous New Year!